Champion Gun Safes

Champion Safe Company offers one of the best values on the market today! We are proud to be southeast Texas' largest dealer of Champion safes. With some of the heaviest and toughest safes on the market today, Champion safes are built for the long haul.

Champion Gun Safes

Gun Vault Gun Safes

We carry a wide selection from Gun Vault, one of America's finest safe manufacturers. Gun Vault Gun Safes offer biometric technology to let you open your safe very quickly.

Gun Vault Gun Safes

Lone Star Gun Safes – We’re Back San Antonio!


Come on by and visit our new location in Boerne so you can see our giant selection of Gun Safes including top-name brands such as Champion, Superior and Graffunder. We also stock a full line of handgun safes made by Gun Vault and many gun safe accessories including humidifiers, door organizers and gun safe lighting.

Give us a call at (830)981-9003 or

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Gun Safes | Houston – We have a GUN problem!

Smith & Wesson - 9mm HandgunIt seems that every days’ news presents the sadness for some family somewhere that has lost a child to a gun. I’m not talking losing a child to HUNTING and guns, but on a much more serious note, I’m talking about losing a child to a gun shot wound. Too many people leave guns around allowing easy access for young, inquiring minds to explore.

Just yesterday in Houston, a father and two young sons traveled to a friend’s house for a play date. Dads were going to talk guns. The kids got a hold of a hand gun and one of the boys was shot at point blank range. The little boy died……… Can you even imagine the feelings these families – dads – friend are dealing with right now? If they’d just paid a bit more attention to where they placed their guns, made sure those guns had trigger locks on them, and knew what the kids were up to – that child would be alive.

One way to avoid situations as unfortunate as this, is to have a gun safe in your home. As the gun safe experts in Houston, we have all types of safes for you to consider. Gun safes can be extremely plain and nondescript, but they can also appear as a beautiful piece of furniture in your home.Heritage Gun Safe | Houston Dealer We have quite a few brands of gun safes such as Champion gun safes, as well as Superior, and Graffunder Gun Safes.

We have many types of safes, especially hand gun safes on the floor. You can feel the strength, weight, and security these safes will bring in to your home or office. Stop by and peruse our selection of gun safes, for the sake of all. See you soon before it’s too late!

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Gun Safes – Think Holidays

Houston - Champion Gun SafeWe are all very accustomed to thinking about safety in most areas. Cars, homes, business…….have you considered your guns and other important documents, even jewelery that is kept in your home? Gun safes and gun vaults are proven deterrents during break-ins as well as fires. While guns and ammunition are what one usually thinks of when pondering handgun or long gun safes, what about money, jewelery and important documents?

Did you know that some gun safes are fireproof and waterproof? A gun safe from Lone Star Gun Safes can not only protect your guns and ammo, but you could also store jewelry, important documents, and other valuables in with your guns.

Lone Star Gun Safes has a complete range of gun safes for all types of weapons and ammunition. Handgun safes that are easily accessible in a stressed time of need. Upright safes are good for your hunting and military style weapons. We carry Champion gun safes, as well as Browning, Heritage, Graffunder and Superior gun safes.

Our Houston location is easily accessible from the Greater Houston area. Think holidays…….how many burglaries or break-ins have you already heard about? Call Lone Star Gun Safes today for more information!

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Gun Safes | Gun Protection for Handguns, Shotguns and Pistols

Protect your guns and family with a Champion or Heritage gun safe from Lone Star Guns Safes. 866-866-8838

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